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84 éves korában elhunyt az amerikai komikus, Rip Taylor, beceneve A konfetti-király volt. A színész olyan felejthetetlen vígjátékokban szerepelt, mint a Reszkessetek betörők 2, vagy a Wayne világa 2. Számtalan nagysikerű mesében, animációs filmben hallhattuk hangját, Emmy-díjra is jelölték Fester hangjáért az az Addams family című sorozatban – írja a Blikk.

Így ír róla a wikipéédia:

Charles Elmer “Rip” Taylor Jr. (January 13, 1931 – October 6, 2019) was an American actor and comedian, known for his exuberance and flamboyant personality, including his wild moustache, toupee, and his habit of showering himself (and others) with confetti.[1][2]

Early life
Charles Elmer Taylor Jr. was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Elizabeth, a waitress, and Charles Elmer Taylor Sr., a musician.[3] As described in his 2010 one-man show It Ain’t All Confetti, Taylor had a tough childhood, which included being molested while in foster care and having to deal with bullies in school.[1] As a young man, Taylor worked as a congressional page before serving in the Korean War while in the U.S. Army Signal Corps.[1][4][5]

Taylor’s career in show business began after he joined the U.S. Army, where he started performing stand-up in clubs and restaurants abroad. Although a lot of his material were jokes stolen from acts he saw in USO shows, his signature piece would be to pretend to cry as he begged the audience to laugh. From there, he was able to land a spot on The Ed Sullivan Show, making close to twenty appearances. According to Taylor, Sullivan would forget his name but used to say “Get me the crying comedian.”[6]írja a https://en.wikipedia.org/

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